Posted by: nassgrad | June 22, 2010

Inexpensive Hotels in Vancouver

Looking for a place to stay, but you’re on a budget or perhaps can’t afford the Coast Plaza or the other conference-sponsored hotels?  Try one of the following:

1) University of British Columbia Conference Center. $39-139. 5961 Student Union Blvd. (888) 822-1000.

2) Hostelling International Vancouver Jericho Beach Hostel. $20-$80. 1515 Discovery St., Vancouver, BC, V6R 4K5. (888) 203-4303.

3) Hostelling International Vancouver Downtown Hotel. $28-$80.  1114 Burnaby St. (at Thurlow St.), Vancouver, BC V6E 1P1. (888) 203-4302.

4) The Kingston Hotel. $65-$170. 757 Richards St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 3A6. (888) 713-3304.

5) YWCA Hotel/Residence. $63-$139. 733 Beatty St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 2M4. (800) 663-1424.

6) Buchan Hotel. $53-$138. 1906 Haro St., Vancouver, B.C. V6G 1H7. (800) 668-6654.

Happy Hotel Hunting!

–Terry F. Robinson


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