Posted by: nassgrad | January 3, 2011

NASSR 2011 Proposals due Jan. 15, “Romanticism and Independence”

From the NASSR 2011 conference website

CFP: “Romanticism and Independence”

The NASSR 2011 Organizing Committee invites proposals for papers and special sessions on “Romanticism and Independence.”  The conference theme is capacious, and we encourage submissions that engage any of its many possible inflections: literary, aesthetic, political, social, cultural, scientific.  Proposals from disciplinary perspectives beyond literature and the arts are particularly welcome.  Please submit proposals of 500 words to by January 15, 2011.

In addition to paper proposals, we also invite the submission of proposals for complete special sessions on the conference theme.  Special sessions should consist of three presenters and a moderator (who may also be a presenter); please submit separate proposals for each paper and a brief description of the session.  In the event that a proposed special session cannot be accommodated, individual paper proposals will be considered separately.

Topics for papers and special sessions might include:

  • Generic and Formal Innovations
  • Imagination
  • Sublimity
  • Impartiality and Disinterestedness
  • Individualism
  • Liberty
  • Sovereignty
  • Feminism
  • Religious Freedom
  • Libertinism
  • Declarations of Independence
  • Romantic Nationalism
  • Atlantic Revolutions
  • Transatlantic Independence Movements
  • Counter-Enlightenment
  • Philhellenism
  • Romanticism and the American West
  • “Indie Romanticism”
  • Romanticism and Film
  • Romanticism and Contemporary Culture

Please note that the availability of audio-visual equipment will be limited and will be allocated by application after papers have been accepted.


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