About the Caucus

What is the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus?
The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus [NGSC] is intended as a venue, under the aegis of NASSR, for students interested in the study of Romanticism to make contact with one another, and to share intellectual and professional resources. We are committed to working together to further the interests, not only of the graduate student community in Romantic studies, but also of the broader profession, by helping to train active and engaged scholars who will continue to strengthen and advance themselves and the discipline. All graduate student members of NASSR are invited to attend caucus meetings and to participate in elections and panels. This is an opportunity for you, the future professional scholars of Romanticism, to take part in an organization designed to address your concerns as student-scholars, to attend to your needs as pre-professionals, and to celebrate your and your peers’ triumphs.

What does the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus do?
We use events and the web to bring graduate students in Romanticism together. For example, we organized a panel on journal publication that took place at the 2010 NASSR conference in Vancouver. The panel featured several well-known experts and editors in the field and drew a packed house of graduate students and professors to one of the larger presentation rooms at the conference. We are currently working on a number of virtual forums for easy communication among members, including a website with wiki functionality and a listserv.

In addition, the current executive board has considered possible future projects that could include the following: a program to facilitate faculty-student mentoring opportunities, caucus paper and mentoring prizes, a quarterly newsletter updating members on major NGSC events, special master classes, and a luncheon or happy hour for members at the conference. We are also looking into opportunities to encourage graduate students to learn about and get involved in digital humanities projects specifically in the Romantic field.


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