Who We Are

The NASSR grad caucus is currently being organized by a provisional executive board. A number of primary benchmarks will be met by the time of the 2010 conference, at which point the caucus will meet to ratify by-laws and executive structures, and to elect the board and chairpersons.

NASSR Grad Caucus Co-Chairs
Lindsey Eckert, U Toronto
John Leffel, CU-Boulder
Michele Speitz, CU-Boulder

Faculty Advisors: Jill Heydt-Stevenson (CU-Boulder) and Deidre Lynch (U of Toronto)

Committee Members
Naqaa Abbas (U of Western Ontario)
Ben Beck (CU-Boulder)
Scott Hagele (CU-Boulder)
Kurtis Hessel, PR coordinator (CU-Boulder)
Kelli Towers Jasper, Secretary (CU-Boulder)
Kirstyn Leuner, Webmaster (CU-Boulder)
Terry F. Robinson (U Michigan, Ann Arbor)



  1. Congratulations on your launch. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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